How to shrink and size up photos to fit your picture frame Bouquet Charm or locket

I'm often asked about photo sizing and printing for the lockets and memory frames.  If you have time then you might want to have your photos professionally resized by a photography shop.  You might prefer to try and shrink your own photos using your computer or photo program software. If you have a Mac computer then use the tools in preview to shrink the picture - this can give excellent results. It's probably easier to set the size in mm - I have put the relevant measurements below.  If you don't have your own software options then you can always try a free on-line photo shrinking tool. Such tools may require you to give the measurements in pixels - so I have included these below. 

One such on-line tool is:  there are many others - this is just an example to help in case you are struggling to find something.

  • Download your photo to the site and then set the width and height required in pixels.

    • Heart Lockets -  width 23mm and height 21mm or pixels 64 x 60
    • Heart frame - width 28mm and height 27mm or pixels 75 x 73
    • Standard oval frame - width 19mm and height 25mm or pixels 56 x 68
    • Large oval frame - width 30mm and height 40mm or pixels 90 x 120 

     Move the crop box to cover the face and then use the zoom out function until the face becomes correctly visible in the box. Press the + quality button 4 times  to set the quality to 100%, save and print the download.  Higher quality originals will give better quality locket images.  This might be the perfect solution for last minute orders and you can take pride in your very own hand made with love Bridal Bouquet Charm.  Thank you Xx

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